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Jennifer Serson, Language Coach

• An experienced educator with more than 15 years of teaching and training experience
• An inspiring presenter and skilled facilitator
• An effective mentor and coach who empowers people with knowledge, skills and confidence
• A language expert with an excellent understanding of cross-cultural communication

Jennifer Serson, an accredited teacher, is a language coach with Catalyst Communication Inc. which offers leadership, communication and language coaching for internationally educated professionals. She also does teacher training for the Canadian Cooperative for Language and Cultural Studies. She has facilitated workshops on Cultural Integration, Communicating Effectively and Teaching Grammar Communicatively.

Jennifer has spent over 15 years working in the education field as a teacher, trainer and coach. As a teacher and trainer, she focuses on students’ experiences to create meaningful links from theory to practice. As a coach, she strives to build a caring relationship with people that will support learning and development. She both encourages and challenges her clients as they strive to integrate new knowledge and skills into their lives.

Jennifer’s recent coaching positions have involved: working with a group or senior accountants to improve language skills and set strategic goals to support on-going development and coaching an IT manager to improve her confidence when communicating with colleagues and senior management. Her clients have demonstrated improved language skills, increased self-confidence, more effective communication and greater cultural awareness.

Jennifer has a Bachelor of Education from Queen’s University and has her TESL (Teaching English as Second Language) certification. She is a member of the Ontario College of Teachers, TESL Ontario and TESL Canada. She is currently undergoing coach training from the Coaches Training Institute. Jennifer has worked and lived in five countries: Canada, Cambodia, Korea, Israel, and Kenya.

The results speak for themselves

The better the communication, the higher the productivity. I am absolutely convinced that the language coaching program benefits the student and the corporation.

A. Zhang, Database Administrator

I’ve found this program very beneficial. I have acquired effective strategies to improve my grammar and increase my idiomatic vocabulary.

N.Kuruliouk, Technical Specialist

This personalized program has made me aware of weak areas. I continuously get tips to improve and make my speech clearer, more professional or even informal if I need it.

W. Tamayo, IT Specialist