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Who We Are

Catalyst Communication offers language and communication coaching for professionals- both for speakers of English as a second language and for native English speakers- to help them hone both their language and intercultural communication skills.

Our Principal, Andrea Griggs, combines over 18 years of experience and advanced education (MA and TESL) in the field of English as a Second Language and Adult Education along with her experience as an accredited coach to create a powerful learning opportunity. She helps learners integrate their new knowledge into their daily life.

Our associates are all exceptional teachers of English as a Second Language. Some are also coaches, speech therapists and intercultural specialists. They come with excellent qualifications and many years of experience. At Catalyst Communication, we all focus on creating opportunities for people to learn. We believe that the work our clients do in between teaching/coaching sessions is as important as or more important than the actual coaching. Therefore, in our work, we help our clients develop techniques and strategies to improve their skills on their own so that the learning continues when they leave the classroom.

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The results speak for themselves

The better the communication, the higher the productivity. I am absolutely convinced that the language coaching program benefits the student and the corporation.

A. Zhang, Database Administrator

I’ve found this program very beneficial. I have acquired effective strategies to improve my grammar and increase my idiomatic vocabulary.

N.Kuruliouk, Technical Specialist

This personalized program has made me aware of weak areas. I continuously get tips to improve and make my speech clearer, more professional or even informal if I need it.

W. Tamayo, IT Specialist