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Language Coaching: Focus

Participants have different needs and challenges. These are some of the courses participants can take with Catalyst Communication.

Speaking Strategies in the Real World
Many learners have acceptable grammar, but they don’t know how to use the language in the real world. They don’t know how to make small talk, how to ask for information, how to contribute to a meeting. This course helps participants to become more effective communicators in their workplace and lives.
Speaking Fluently with Confidence
Often learners need the time and space for their language to develop. In this course, they get many opportunities speak and to develop the confidence they need to take their English out into the real world.
Speaking Accurately
Sometimes grammatical errors can significantly impede comprehension. This course helps learns improve their oral grammar and speak more accurately.
Speaking Clearly
Being understood is crucial for communication. This course helps learners improve their pronunciation by focusing on key issues such as: speed, intonation, and stress.
Business Writing
Along with focusing on the mechanics of writing (grammar, punctuation, vocabulary, etc), this course also deals with tone, organization and content.
The Art of Negotiation
Many learners are able to cope in daily life, but have a hard time using English persuasively. This advanced course helps learners develop a subtler understanding of the nuances of the English language. Clients will learn to negotiate, persuade, sell themselves, suggest, refuse, complain, etc.

Built into all courses:

Learner Training
Improving language ability takes a long time. Catalyst Communication helps people develop strategies to become effective, independent language learners. Once the language coaching is over, they can continue to learn on their own.
Vocabulary Development
In order to communicate effectively, learners must increase their vocabulary. In all courses, both idiomatic and business vocabulary are developed.
Cultural competence
Language and culture can not be separated. It is crucial for learners to be aware of the cultural norms and “rules” of communicating.
Knowledge Transfer
Many learners are able to communicate well in the classroom, but are not always able to transfer that knowledge to their everyday lives. Catalyst Communication helps learners take their new skills and integrate them into their daily work lives. This is done in the class and through individual coaching.