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Language Coaching: Classes

Catalyst Communication provides custom classes or pre-designed classes. All classes are modified to meet the needs of your employees. Here are some of our more popular classes:

Pronouncing Clearly
This course focuses on key pronunciation issues that have the greatest impact on listener understanding, such as, sounds, intonation, sentence rhythm, and stress. Key pronunciation “hot spots” are identified and weak areas are specifically targeted and addressed. Each participant will receive individualized feedback from the instructor and practice assignments for home study. Those who complete this course successfully will find that they can speak more clearly and that people will understand them more easily.
Speaking Accurately and Clearly
People can misunderstand the message when a speaker makes too many grammatical errors. This course helps participants improve their oral grammar so they can speak more accurately. Critical grammatical areas, such as how to ask questions clearly, use tense & time reference accurately, use he/she appropriately and express conditions effectively, are explained and practised. Pronunciation will continue to be addressed at this level. Those who complete this course successfully will find that they can express themselves more accurately and that people will understand them more readily.
Communicating Effectively
Many participants have acceptable grammar, but don’t know how communicate successfully in the interpersonal world. This course teaches participants how to make small talk appropriately, how to ask for information politely, how to contribute to a meeting effectively, and interrupt a conversation respectfully. This course helps participants become more effective communicators at work by focusing on courtesy, convention, and the cultural norms and habits of English. Those who complete this course successfully will find that they receive increasingly positive response from those around them.
Writing Effectively
This course helps writers produce more effective, succinct and clear business documents. Topics include how to organize content, prioritize information, achieve appropriate tone and create a positive message. In addition, specific attention is given to the mechanics of writing (grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, vocabulary) and writers receive individualized corrective feedback on their writing samples. Those who complete this course successfully will find that their readers respond more quickly and positively to their emails and documents.
Speaking Persuasively and Confidently
Many participants are able to cope in daily life, but have a hard time using English persuasively. This advanced course helps participants develop a subtler understanding of the nuances of English. Clients will learn to negotiate, persuade, complain, suggest, refuse, and sell themselves effectively. Participants will get many opportunities to speak and to develop the confidence to express themselves more assertively and fluently. Those who complete this course successfully will find they are more able to get what they want and create win-win situations.

Built into all classes:

Learner Training
Improving language ability takes a long time. Catalyst Communication helps people develop strategies to become effective, independent language learners. Once the language coaching is over, they can continue to learn on their own.
Vocabulary Development
In order to communicate effectively, learners must increase their vocabulary. In all courses, both idiomatic and business vocabulary are developed.
Cultural competence
Language and culture can not be separated. It is crucial for learners to be aware of the cultural norms and “rules” of communicating.
Knowledge Transfer
Many learners are able to communicate well in the classroom, but are not always able to transfer that knowledge to their everyday lives. Catalyst Communication helps learners take their new skills and integrate them into their daily work lives. This is done in the class and through individual coaching.