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Case Study One
Keeping it Diplomatic


An IT employee had been studying how to express his opinion powerfully, yet diplomatically and was having some success in the classroom. In his workplace, he ran into a situation where he lost his cool and forgot about all the diplomatic language he had learned. The result was a conflict with another department. His supervisor had to become involved, and there is still tension in that environment.


With his coach, he explored his values and the goals he wanted to achieve. He decided, in the end, to see the conflict with this particular person as a valuable opportunity to really put his newly learned English to the test.


With the support of his coach, he was able to transfer the learning that happened in the classroom to a real and challenging situation.

Language Coaching:

  • Is an integrated approach to helping people improve their communication skills.
  • Focuses on the most important communication challenge
  • Emphasizes skills and strategy training so the learning continues after the coaching has finished
  • Encourages people to transfer the skills they learn in class into real life situations