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Language Coaching

Language Coaching is designed for people who speak English as a Second Language and want to hone their language, communication and cultural knowledge in order to become even more effective contributors to their organization.

Language coaching incorporates the best from teaching English as a Second Language with the newest ideas from coaching. It’s an integrated approach to helping people improve their communication skills and cultural awareness. So much of language is connected to culture, and it is crucial that learners are aware of the cultural norms and “rules” of language.

Regular English Language training teaches effective communication skills, however, there is no follow-up to see if people are transferring the knowledge from the classroom into real life situations. Coaching helps clients take the skills they are learning and integrate them into their daily lives. A coach will help clients identify their goals and then support, challenge and hold those clients accountable so that they attain and surpass their goals.

Language coaching encourages clients to explore any blocks that might be impeding their progress, such as lack of confidence, discouragement, resentment, and lack of knowledge about how to learn. It’s imperative to address these issues so that the client can move beyond them and succeed in the learning process.

Read the case studies:

Case Study One — Keeping it Diplomatic

Case Study Two — Small Talk

Language Coaching:

  • Is an integrated approach to helping people improve their communication skills.
  • Focuses on the most important communication challenge
  • Emphasizes skills and strategy training so the learning continues after the coaching has finished
  • Encourages people to transfer the skills they learn in class into real life situations

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