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Comments from ESL Participants

The better the communication, the higher the productivity. I am absolutely convinced that the language coaching program benefits the student and the corporation.

A. Zhang, Database Administrator

I really like the one-on-one coaching sessions. Andrea is a great facilitator. She focuses on strengthening the main points I struggle with: conciseness, speech clarity and gaining confidence. I find her language coaching very helpful.

I. Rrenja, Senior Technical Services Analyst

This personalized  program has made me aware of weak areas. I continuously get tips to improve and make my speech clearer, more professional or even informal if I need it.

W. Tamayo, IT Specialist

I found the English course very helpful to my daily life and career path. Before I was shy to speak and communicate with others. After taking the course for a year, I am more courageous and confident to speak with colleagues and in group discussions. Andrea and Jennifer are enthusiastic, encouraging and always willing to correct my writing and pronunciation.

J.Chan, CGA

I’ve found this program VERY BENEFICIAL. It helped me to identify my strengths and weaknesses in terms of my English Language Skills and communication skills. Also, I have acquired effective strategies to improve my grammar, increase my idiomatic vocabulary, especially phrasal verbs and correct small errors in pronunciation.

N.Kuruliouk, Technical Specialist

What a highly inspiring course, packed with lots of new ideas, approaches and quality business English materials. I really found the combination of ESL classes and one-on-one language coaching very helpful. Jennifer and Andrea encouraged us to develop an environment of learning. Now I am extremely motivated and know new ways to continue learning. I came away much more confident and focused about my own improvement in my English studying.

A. Liu, Accountant

I have found the language coaching program very helpful for me. The language coach has helped me to specify my language weaknesses and work on them. During the class I learn new business words and idioms that help me to enhance my business vocabulary; I learn cultural differences that give me a better understanding of the people I work with; I learn the language of meeting (for example, how to present an argument or interrupt and disagree politely). And, the most important is a chance to practice what you have just learned with a teacher and then in small groups.

Thank you for giving us such a great opportunity.

L. Sazonova, Technical Specialist

Thank you very much for having the language coaching program. This program is the best English course I have ever had. The teacher teaches me pronunciation, grammar, and new vocabulary. I learn how to express ideas and opinions efficiently and correctly, how to agree or disagree, how to clarify and how to interrupt appropriately, and so on. Those are important language skills that help me understand and be understood in work and in life situations. I am much more confident in using English after the language coaching.

B. Chen, Technical Specialist

Comments from the Clients

Catalyst Communication developed an intensive well-thought out program. The program yielded benefits after a short period of time and at the conclusion of this first year, we have had measurable results. Value for money was very clear.

Karen Hardy, Principal, Segal LLP

The results speak for themselves. There have been tremendous verbal and written improvements in communication skills. The students feel motivated to learn. They feel more confident to express their ideas, and they do. This benefits all of us.

Ansley Currie, Executive Director, CDS Inc